When it comes to selling your product or service, an effective sales letter should be your number one tool in your sales and marketing toolbox. However, more often than not this valuable device is left to a hurried or last second effort at best. Keeping in mind that this single piece of literature may be your ONLY chance to make an impression – wouldn’t it make sense to make sure that you view your sales letter as a machine? A machine needs well oiled parts in order to function correctly. Keep reading and see if your machine has all of the parts working in order to run effectively.


When it comes to direct mail, ‘Not for Profit’ or charitable organizations are leading the charge with respect to the resurgence of direct mail. And why not? It is targeted. It is measurable. And it produces proven results. But what are they mailing? What is the strategy? And can you learn from them? You bet your marketing budget you can!

Keep reading to learn a little more about how charitable organizations battle not only for your attention, but your share of wallet. You are sure to take away some insight that will help your next campaign.


Customized, personalized direct mail campaigns typically post stronger results compared to static, mass appeal styles. Take a quick moment right now and learn how variable data printing (VDP) will not only make all of the difference to your next campaign, but to your response rates!


First it was the fax machine. It was supposed to do away with direct mail completely.
That didn’t happen. 
Then there was email. A worldwide alert sounded that direct mail was going to be done away with – this time for ever.
Again, that sure didn’t happen. 
With the explosion of social media and social networking a cry was yet again heard that direct mail is going the way of the dinosaur.  
No, it is not.

In fact direct mail is perhaps more vital than ever, and perhaps more appropriate. Would you like to learn a few key innovative tactics to breathe new important life into your next direct mail campaign, and perhaps experience higher response rates than you’ve ever had before? You should, because direct mail is here to stay and the smart money is on the marketer who learns how to leverage its power.

A Short Lesson from the Classified Ad World: An Easy Approach for you to Drastically Improve Your Response Rates.


Have you ever read the classified ads at the back of a big magazine? Of course you have. Have you ever wondered how some of these small, obscure companies could afford to advertise in such publications – the ad rates are astronomical! Now wouldn’t you like to take a glimpse into the systems that these successful classified ad writers employ? This short read will have you asking yourself 2 questions – ‘Why wouldn’t I do that too?’ and ‘How can I get started, today?’

Russell House Marketing's DM Glossary

Common Direct Mail and Direct Marketing Terms


We understand that at times, a term or two may escape you. That is why its always handy to have a good glossary close at hand. This glossary defines some of the most common direct mail and direct marketing terms used in direct response marketing throughout the industry.


In a time when businesses are more contentious of their ROI, marketers are looking for new avenues to try to find the next silver bullet. Email marketing has emerged as the new darling in the marketing world but not without its pitfalls. While larger or specialized business may have immediate success with email, this is not necessarily the case for the traditional small to medium sized business.


Here is a collection of direct mail and direct marketing websites that you may find useful, informative and interesting. Keep checking back because we are always adding to the list.


Learn about 3 easy steps that will help your next direct mail campaign become a better campaign. Read Now.

Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising - Yours Free!
"Nobody, on any level, should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book 7 times. It changed the course of my life." - David Ogilvy

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