Data Processing

 Our Specialty: Unleashing Clear, Concise and Valuable Data

Now that you have developed your target market, a clean list will help guarantee that your chosen customers actually receive your message. Whether you are using a spreadsheet, a transactional database, or even recipe cards, Russell House Marketing will help you update and maintain your customer list(s) – it’s critical if you want to communicate in a meaningful way.

 What processes are available for list cleaning?

There are a variety of data services that Russell House Marketing offers to help maintain and clean your data:

  • National Change of Address (NCOA): Never lose track of a customer again. If your customer moves and registers a change of address with Canada Post, you can still reach them.
  • Address Accuracy: Based on who is inputting your data, it might not always be 100% correct. We can make sure that all of your targeted customers are mailable before sending out a piece they won’t receive.
  • Merge/Purge: Have more than one list or worried about duplicates? We can make sure that these issues are addressed before you send John Smith 8 of the same letter.

How do I know whether my campaign was a success?

Russell House Marketing can help you use your data to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. By building tracking mechanisms into your marketing strategy, your campaign's results will be available to you in real time . . . a huge benefit over traditional mass media. Put yourself in the driver's seat – your marketing and sales capabilities will be enhanced if you review how well your campaign performed. You can repeat your best efforts and change or eliminate campaigns or target groups with less response. Let us help you track and review your results today.


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Scientific Advertising

Scientific Advertising

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