hh3It is not too early to start thinking about trying something a little different this holiday season. The holidays are a perfect time to use a traditional card to make a fantastic, lasting impact. Keep reading to learn how you can effectively manage to not only spread some holiday cheer, but also start your new year off with immediate sales off the hop.

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The charitable landscape is a very competitive one. Not for profit organizations must balance a fine line when choosing not only how, but when to ask for money. But not every mailing has to be designed to seek donations. Keep reading and learn how Stewardship mailings can actually help you raise more money in the long run.

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Whether you are a business or a charitable organization, if you are using direct mail, the health of your list is vital to the success of your campaign. Keep reading to understand more about what National Change of Address (NCOA) is, and why you need to do it or face certain dwindling returns.


Here is a collection of fundraising and gift planning websites that you may find useful, informative and interesting. Keep checking back because we are always adding to the list.

Association of Fundraising Professionals - AFP represents over 30,000 members in 206 chapters around the world. With 15 chapters in Canada. AFP works towards advancing philanthropy through advocacy, research, education and certification programs. 

Canadian Donor's Guide - Guide for donors and a must to be listed in for charities.

Canadian Fundraising & Philanthropy - Resource for non-profit leaders on news, trends, tips and analysis of developments in the fields of fundraising and non-profit management.

Charityvillage - Canada's supersite for the non-profit industry.

The Canadian Association of Gift Planners - A National association dedicated to the profession of Gift Planning.


More often than not marketers spend more time keeping track of their customers ‘Purchase History’, but forget about tracking their response to previous mailings or ‘Response History’. Past history of response can be so very important when it comes down to future communication. Keep reading and learn how a few minor changes to your database can produce major insights.


Aside from holding together the contents of your direct mail package until it is delivered, an envelope has only one job: to get opened. But ask yourself a question. “Are you giving your envelope the same attention to detail that you gave your letter or brochure?” Keep reading and we’ll show you 7 easy ways to make your envelope stand out.


More often than not the traditional lettershop was thought of as the last stop in the production cycle of the direct mail piece. The reality is that companies like Russell House Marketing offer so much more than just stamping, bagging, tagging, and bundling. While mail processing can be a relatively quick undertaking, there are so many additional ways that your next direct mail campaign can be made better. Continue reading and learn about the stages of production and the timelines your marketing partner needs to bring you the desired result that you are looking for – huge response!


List selection is a key decision element with any direct mail campaign, but without proper list hygiene, you may be throwing your marketing dollars out the window. When you rent a list, you are paying for its targeting accuracy. When you own a list – the onus is on you to ensure that it is ready for action. Read more and learn a few simple – yet highly effective ways to maintain your direct mail database and learn about some of the great benefits that you will obtain.


Learn about 3 easy steps that will help your next direct mail campaign become a better campaign. Read Now.

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