Creative Design Mail Piece

Useful Copywriting and Mail Piece Creative Design

With the “who” determined, the next stage is the “what.”

What are you going to send to your customers, and what will it say?

Our Advisors can provide insight into what type of creative design mail piece and message is best suited for your target market and time frame. From creative design to copywriting, from generic to personalized – Russell House Marketing can help you determine the best strategy for not only reaching your clients but engaging them in a meaningful way.

How do I know which mail piece creative to choose?

We have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best type of piece in terms of your target market and your communication objectives. 

Design & Creative Project Types

We specialize in creating the most-effective flyers and postcards.

Cost Effective Postcard Marketing

You can print and mail your marketing collateral with a personalized message. It can improve credibility and increase brand awareness. Postcards are your most cost-effective and productive choice out of all the direct mail items that you can send out to your prospects.

It is easier to design postcards as compared to other items. They are small and compact and are incredibly attention-grabbing. All the recipient has to do is turn them over and read your message.

You save additional costs since you don’t require envelopes to mail postcards. We make sure to follow the Canada Post postcard specifications to avail their first-class rates.

Promotional Mail

You can print and mail your marketing with a personalized message. It can improve credibility and increase brand awareness. Promotional marketing is a set of activities to share knowledge about a particular brand, product, or service with as many people as possible with the aim of increasing brand awareness and sales.

Flyers (Bulk Unaddressed Mail)

As a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing TM partner*, you could be eligible to save up to 15% on postage rates. We will lend our expertise to your campaign and take care of all the details for you. Make sure your items follow Canada Post weight and size guidelines for your mailing to be eligible. Please keep your Neighbourhood Mail pieces unaddressed. Proper mail preparation is essential to ensure your mailing is processed and delivered efficiently. Your mailing must meet the minimum volume requirement: one postal route (average 500 addresses) or any combination of householder types on a given route.

Letterhead & Stationery

Let your message stand out with printed letterhead and corporate stationery. Custom design and printing ensures that your professional letters, invoices, quotes and documents make an impact and reflect the personality of your business.

Client Types

Non Profit DM Campaigns

Effective Donor Communication – Talk More Often, Receive Greater Donations. The charitable landscape is a very competitive one. Not for profit organizations must balance a fine line when choosing not only how, but when to ask for money. But not every mailing has to be designed to seek donations.  We have the experience and know how to help you design an effective direct mail strategy that extends far beyond an appeal mailing.  You are sharing information. You are expressing your gratitude. You are helping your donors plan their giving more efficiently.
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Fundraising Creative ideas

Getting creative with your fundraiser can inspire donors to give more than they might to a ho-hum fundraising fundraiser. These creative fundraising ideas can add unique and fresh elements to the long list of established fundraising ideas.  Creative fundraising allows people to celebrate their true colours, have fun, and show their talents while giving back. If you haven’t already started a creatively inspired fundraiser, kick off your fundraiser today.


Direct Marketing for constituent communication and party awareness is serious business. At Russell House Marketing, we believe that your recipients should receive your intended message. You work hard and believe in your programs, so let your constituents know what is happening.

You have questions, we have answers. We’ll take care of everything – from Strategy to Execution to Post campaign analysis. We’ll help you achieve your goals as seamlessly as possible. We have charted the course and can help guide your way. Give us a call. Read more 


Communicating effectively with your business audience is serious stuff. You have to balance your offer; your creative and your timing – more importantly – you have to speak to the right audience. Pick the wrong list, and no matter how great your offer or how beautiful your creative – your train is on the wrong track! Read more