Data History

Target Audience Response History

More often than not marketers spend more time keeping track of their customers ‘Purchase History’, but forget about tracking their response to previous mailings or ‘Response History’. Past history responses can be so critical when it comes down to future communication. Keep reading and learn how a few minor changes to your database can produce major insights.

You know that a good database will not only tell you your target’s name, address, sex, age, occupation, and income but did you know that it can easily be configured to give you vital information regarding each individual’s reaction to your previous mailings?

Example Target Audience Response history:

• How many times have you mailed to a particular customer?

• When was the first time they responded to your mailings?

• Of the different formats that you tested in your last mailing, which did they respond to?

• Did they ignore those promotions?

• Did they respond to any of them?

• Has their response been converted into a sale?

• What are your next steps with this individual or group of individuals?

When you speak with a Russell House Direct Marketing Advisor, they are prepared to take your business to the next level with respect to data and proper database marketing. By tracking and looking more closely at responses you will be able to create better-targeted mailings. We specialize in ‘digging deeper.’

Remember, your database is vital to your business. The more you nurture it, the bigger and healthier it will grow. As a result, the way and frequency of your communication efforts will be made better. Your ROI on future mailings will be made better. Your business will be made better. Old data is useless data. New and updated data will continue to feed your business.

We can help you analyze your data or help you create the database which suits your requirements. History is the best teacher, so learn from a well-seasoned partner. We have over 30 years of experience diving into data and we can help show you the way. Call us today and let’s get started.