Campaign Planning & Strategy

Direct Marketing Strategic Planning for every mail campaign.

Direct marketing is targeting specific marketing messages to specific target groups. Russell House Marketing has the experience and industry knowledge to help every client build the best direct marketing campaign possible.

 What does strategic planning include?

The strategic planning stage of a project includes the following:

  1. A direct marketing meeting to understand your communication objectives.
  2. Your in-house data analysis to develop customer segments and mailing strategies.
  3. Direct Mail List rentals (as necessary).
  4. Graphic design and copywriting advice, end-to-end printing and mail service execution.

What other types of media?

We understand the time and place for all media options. That’s why our Direct Marketing Advisors work with each client on a one-to-one basis to understand their entire marketing strategy and, in turn, understand the best way to incorporate direct programs into each project. Our Direct Marketing Advisors will also help you develop a comprehensive program within all marketing media to create a consistent and compelling brand message. Overall, you will develop an unbiased, all-inclusive marketing strategy that produces results.

Understanding your customers can be a daunting task. That’s why we have a variety of data services available to help get you relevant information to you and your customers. We’ll help you determine who your best customers are, where they are, what offer you should make and when you should make it. Now that’s pretty powerful stuff.

Your customer is your most valuable business asset – what are you willing to do to keep them?