Printing Preparation

High Quality, Full Variable Personalized, Print Preparation & Mailout

No matter what type of piece you are looking to print, Russell House Marketing has the solution for you, full colour, personalized, you name it. While developing your program, we will provide you with all the available options – at all price pointsPostcards, letters, invitations, whatever you can think of, we can get it done.

How do I personalize my mail piece?

With Russell House Marketing, you can distribute personalized direct marketing mail pieces based on your customers’ preferences, past behaviour, etc. Our black-and-white and full-colour laser printers can produce personalized pieces anywhere from simple addressing to full one-to-one. Ask us which option will be most effective for your campaign.

High-Quality Printing, On-Time Direct Mail

Now that your direct mail services project is complete, you need to get it on your customer’s doorstep as soon as possible. Russell House Marketing has all the internal capabilities to process your mail – including folding, trimming, inserting, sealing and delivery to the postal authorities. High-quality services and on-time delivery – that’s our promise!

Print Preparation & Mailout

We are the trusted printing and mailing partner for leading corporations, non-profits, and small businesses. We offer an extensive range of services under one roof and treat our clients with the same love and care we show our families. Contact us today and find out why we’ve had many of our clients for over 30 years.

Once your mail has been presorted, we make sure it can withstand handling. Meeting address accuracy requirements help to prevent handling surcharges, reduces wasted printing costs and puts your mail in customers’ hands more quickly.

Address accuracy requirements for Incentive Lettermail

  • Incentive Lettermail with more than 5,000 pieces for Machineable must participate in the Address Accuracy Program.
  • 95% of the addresses used must be valid compared to the Canada Post database.

What type of mail am I sending?

Our Direct Marketing Advisors have a thorough knowledge of the Canadian postal systems and will work with you to determine the best method of delivering your campaigns. We will also get you all the available postal discounts – budgets matter for everyone.

How do I know my campaign has been sent?

Once your campaign has left our shop to go to the post office, we will inform you of the mail date and confirm the number of pieces sent. If you ever have any concerns about one of your projects, we are always available to you – just ask.