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What To Think About After Your Direct Mail Campaign Ships

The greatest, and perhaps most important difference between Direct Mail and any other form of marketing is that when done correctly, Direct Mail will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your customers or recipients’ needs and interests. By demonstrating that you know your customers as individuals, you can employ very personal, targeted and persuasive methods of selling.

But after the campaign drops – it is far from over – make sure that you:

  • Are you ready to handle your responses?
  • Analyze your responses.
  • Use your responses for more than the one-off sale.
  • Track, Track, Track.

Be prepared to ask yourself  2 questions: ‘Did my campaign do what I wanted it to?’ and ‘Did I accomplish my objectives?’

Russell House Marketing works with you to make sense of your post-campaign data. Our data department is second to none. Your Direct Marketing Advisor works closely with them behind the scenes to bring you answers and insight that you may not have even known were there.

Direct Mail is about testing. A strong, winning campaign can always be made better. Even a campaign that did not meet initial expectations can be worth its weight in insightful gold through analysis.