Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

You have made the commitment. You know DM works. But before you write your next piece – or even your first – take a moment and ask yourself if you are giving yourself and your business the best shot at success. Our knowledgable Direct Marketing Advisors will work with you to ensure that you are.

Take a moment and prepare to engage in the conversation. Here are a few points to checkoff that will help your Direct Mail stand out.

  • My creativity is powerful, sharp, and compelling.
  • My headline alone lets my recipients understand what I am saying.
  • I have a solid call to action, and my piece is easy to read.
  • My readers can easily and quickly respond.
  • My offer is front and centre.
  • I describe the benefits for my recipients.
  • I kept my message simple and straightforward.
  • I have included facts or testimonials.
  • I have included my company name.
  • I have decided that testing works, and I have my codes in place.