Campaign Planning & Strategy

Direct Marketing measurable results.

With ongoing changes in the media landscape, how can you be confident that your advertising is breaking through and reaching your target audience? Direct Marketing drives sales and provides immediate and measurable feedback that tells you if your marketing investments are paying off. As part of a comprehensive media mix, Direct Marketing lets you analyze the effectiveness of other passive advertising expenses, while actively protecting your market share and managing your revenue per customer with unmatchable accuracy. What other media is measurable and provides such quantifiable ROI?

Limited budgets to produce results

Typically, when budgets are limited and marketers are under the gun to produce quantifiable results, direct marketing becomes a more substantial part of the advertising plan. Direct marketers can pinpoint audiences better due to the sophistication of demographic mailing lists and tools that offer precise geo-location of these targets. Although basic demographic profiles are available to identify TV, radio and print audiences, the actual demographic characteristics vary based on location, time of the day, day of the week, etc. The difference between these channels, for a marketer, means getting a specific marketing message delivered directly to a person versus‘ spraying and praying, hoping that the right percentage of the target audience receives the same, albeit more generic message.

Don’t ask the question ‘How much is this going to cost?” Answer the question “How much money is this going to make!” You can change your cost-driven marketing efforts into profit-driven campaigns that make your cash register ring. Call us today and let’s get started.